About Us


Qatar is blessed with vast bodies of water both in-land and its shoreline. Qataris and residents utilized these waters to develop its transportation and trade, economy, culture and traditions. Being sea-farers, locals are considered experts on maritime activities. Maintaining its sea-faring history and embracing the development of Maritime Industry in the region and worldwide becomes the perfect business for Halul Boats. Established in 2004, Halul Boats offered Qatar and other Gulf countries a dependable manufacturing company for its maritime industry requirements. The Company prides itself to be 100% Qatari owned.


“Sustainable and systematic construction management system and methods to completely attain high quality standards construction package” By expanding our leading position in standardization, we provide our clients with state-of-the-art maritime solutions to responsibly and efficiently utilize the increasing potential of the maritime industry.  As a family owned business we hold a family values that look to the long-term; stewardship; craftmanship, fellowship and entrepreneurship. In every aspect of our business the next generation is our starting point. 

Our Vision

Halul Boat is envisioned to provide an outstanding services and globally competitive construction technologies and methods and providing exemplary performance in various construction industries.


Halul Boats has always been committed to quality and over the past few years, we have taken that commitment to quality and ingrained it into the fabric of our culture by putting consistent processes and disciplines in place

Although we build a customized hand built boat for every customer, our commitment to quality is designed to reduce any deviations from different people building your boat.

We are very much thankful to the collective efforts for the dedicated yacht designer and the other skilled worker who bring their vigorous dedication to their work together with the support of Ahmad Al-Hitmi. It was a success.

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